What is Pegasus spyware ? | How to stay safe?

What is Pegasus?

Pegasus is the most dangerous spyware ever created. It was created by the Israeli group NSO. The spyware if entered into your phone can access your mic, camera, photos, chats, and much more.

Why was Pegasus created?

Pegasus spyware was developed in 2016 with the intention of spying on terrorists' phones and use for legal purposes.

Now reports are been claimed that they are using the spyware for their own purpose.

How to know if your phone is affected?

The spyware is zero click bait i.e it doesn't require any source like other spyware to enter your device.

And by gaining a common person's mobile like us what will they do?

NSO charges a huge ton of money from the clients to infect spyware in your phone so no one you must be worried about if you have done something extremely illegal.

What if I'm a VIP?

If your privacy matters the most then the only solution is not to use Smartphones and switch to Nokia or Jio phones to call, text, store photos, and all.

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