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 5 reasons why you should not install windows 11?

We all know that Microsoft is planning to launch its new windows version and it's probably named windows 11. Microsoft has not yet officially announces that Windows 11 has been launched.

There are high chances that leaked windows 11 is a leaked iso of the OS is floating around the Internet. There are high chances that hackers can steal your data through the duplicate windows 11. There are lots of people around the internet who is very excited and start installing windows 11.

Here's why you should not install the leaked version of Windows 11, at least not as the main OS on your machine.

1. Unfinished Build: 

The leaked build is unfinished, which means it will have more bugs.

2. Unofficial Build: 

The leaked Windows 11 is not available to download from Microsoft. The source is unknown and you should stay away from it.

3. No Support: 

The leaked version will have no support from Microsoft if you face any problems.

4. Dangerous: 

With leaked software, hackers and 3phishers love to dupe unsuspecting users with malicious links, viruses, and backdoors 

5. No Worth: 

With the MS event being very near, it better we hold off for the official release.

Even after reading all these points, if you are still tempted to try the leaked version, we suggest the below safe options:

1. Do not extract the iso file.

2. Never install it as your main OS.

3. Install it on the virtual machine.

4. If you have a spare machine, install it.

5. Don't install on a machine containing sensitive data.

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