Upgrade intel HD Graphics 3000 to intel HD Graphics 4000 for free

 Upgrade Intel HD Graphics 3000 to intel HD Graphics 4000 for free.

Hello everyone if you want to upgrade your Intel HD graphics in just 2 minutes. there is some application that can't run on Hd 3000 graphics, it says that the minimum requirement to run the app is intel HD graphics 4000. so don't worry guys I'm here to tell you about how to upgrade the intel HD graphics 3000 to 4000.

If HD graphics 3000 are installed on your PC then HD graphics 4000 are already installed on your PC but your system is not using it as it is not compatible with your system. Then, what we will do is to just force the system to use HD graphics 4000. 

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If you want to upgrade then please follow the following steps:

1. Open your device manager from the control panel or you can just search on the taskbar.

2. Then right-click on Graphics 3000.

3. Now click on "Browse my computer for drivers".

4. Now it is showing only compatible browser with your system. to upgrade to HD 4000 your need to untick the " Show compatible hardware".

5. Now click on "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer".

6. Now select the drivers you want to upgrade.

7. Then a working will pop up on your screen regarding compatibility. you've to click "yes" on it.

8. Tada! your graphics have been upgraded from 3000 to 4000.

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  1. should i be worried about the fact that my computer might stop working completely?
    cuz my pc gave a warning that "your might stop working correctely OR might stop working completely"

  2. no it'll not stop working as I've tried it.

    1. is it safe
      to upgrade a driver like that
      and also even if it upgrades can i play games compactable with intel hd 4000

    2. Bro try it first, and if you have tried it, please tell me if it worked or not

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